House of Music

Mark's Puppet

Since 2010, the original theatrical performance- House of Music, written by residential playwright- Mark Yuen; has been performed by a grade 10 class at Southridge School, directed by Ms. J Kelly. The main characters- Leo and Rob, where performed by Bryan Redies (Leo) and Nick Tennant (Rob). Now five years, the play will be renewed! Using fox teddy puppets as Leo and Rob, this theatrical play will be better than its original structure! Local puppeteers- Steven Peturson (from ETS) and Calahan Strewens (Personal Development) get a chance to shine on stage. The music in this production is composed by Katherine Graff and Mark Yuen, and is performed by the West Wood Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Bright. Steven will be playing the role of Leo Bryan Courtney and Calahan will be playing Leo’s best friend- Rob Nick Christian Yuen. —

By Mark Yuen, ETS program

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